One of the most raw and unfiltered conversations yet featuring three phenomenal black business owners in the Napa Valley:
James Moss of J.Moss wines
Darryl Bell of 816 BBQ, Stateline Road
Charles “Buster” Davis of Buster’s Southern BBQ

In Episode 11 of The Big Sip we dive into honest conversations around what it means to be successful, especially as a black business owner. What are the challenges that come with that success and the tightrope many of us, especially those in the black community, often have to teeter without falling.

Join the conversation as we get to hear from three generations of individuals dive into what they’ve had to overcome just to get to a level playing field and the pressures of what it means to have to be extraordinary just to be viewed as an equal. Prior to being able to dream and plan their success, each of them first had to plan and address how to overcome their blackness, the economic and social inequities that exist and how the person on the opposite end would react when approached with a request and ask for capital to invest in a new business venture. Throughout the trials and tribulations, one thing stands true: one must always persevere and persist.

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