Born and raised in Modesto, CA with parents from Michoacan, Mexico, Chris grew up on American culture with love for his family’s Mexican roots and customs. In Episode 27 we dive into what it means to stay true to your roots, crafting a brand and collection of wines that speak to Hispanic roots and Latin culture from a region that’s rarely given the recognition it should (shoutout to Lodi!). Chris shares what it means to create sustainability for people of color in the wine industry, and ways of moving beyond the fear of having to assimilate to fit into a traditional mold in order to “make it.”

The world of wine has thrived on exclusivity and lack of cultural representation or inclusion of diverse narratives. As a winemaker in the industry, Chris was baffled by the treatment and silence he often received walking into a tasting room, and couldn’t fathom what other Latin@s who weren’t in the industry must’ve been experiencing. Fed up with the lack of inclusion and respect he decided to put in the WERK to create a welcoming space. Now, Chris is enamored by other BIPOC individuals who have reached out and shared their interest in unifying, building community in wine, and asking how they can support Seis Soles Wine Co.

Though his family and close friends supported his venture in wine, they weren’t shy from pointing out the obvious: Latin@s drink a lot of tequila and cerveza…wine however, isn’t something that’s typically found at the table or a party with la familia. Often due to cost, seeing that many Latin@s end to be a part of the working class in America, this often results in minimal exposure to wine or the ability to build up palatable experiences. Chris knew this is why he was starting Seis Soles–para la cultura. Seis Soles became a labor of love and ode for his gente, so they could see there are wines that can meet them where they’re at–as beginners and new consumers building up a palate, while still crafting luscious perennial gems for the most experienced wine aficionado.

Shoutout to Chris for treating me to a beautiful tasting while we were on the air. We enjoyed 5 of his beautiful wines and I highly recommend you not only follow Seis Soles wines (IG: @6solesvino), but support and snag these gems yourself via his website

  1. White Blend – Albariño and Grenache Blanc
  2. Rosé – Grenache and Mourvèdre
  3. Red Blend – Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon (silky smooth finish)
  4. Gran Reserva – Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot (bold red blend with firm tannins)
  5. Sol Tierra – Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Syrah, Petite Verdot and Merlot (structured, bold red wine yet balanced)

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