“The Big Sip” series spills knowledge on “sip” that matters, by highlighting and amplifying black and brown trailblazers breaking barriers in the food, wine, and arts industry. Each show provides listeners with an opportunity to learn about diverse leaders pioneering a more equitable and inclusive world by centering a wine-full and mindful conversation. (follow the series @thebigseries)

Host: Gabriela Fernandez

Show: Live every Thursdays at 10a or catch up on the podcasts below


The Big Sip

Episode 17: The Hustle Never Ends

His mother would say his love and passion for food and creativity started with binging Food Network (long before binging was a legit thing@),...
The Big Sip

Episode 16: Chasing Happiness

In Episode 16 of The Big Sip, we get to dive in and sip from Tamer Hamawi’s cup–incredible entrepreneur, humble human, world traveler, and...
The Big Sip

Episode 15: "Conscious Consumption"

Trailblazing the Pan-African soulfood diaspora in the Bay Area, you’ll find Chef Solomon Johnson bridging Jamaican, Puerto Rican, and West African foods and flavors...
The Big Sip

Episode 14: ¡Dale Chica, Dale!

Dale, like so many words and expressions in Spanish, has a fluid definition that varies. To Chef and creator of Dale Bars, Caroline Rae...
The Big Sip

Episode 13: Lady & The Vine

The Big Sip

Episode 12: "Into the Wild" with Chef Sean Streete

Episode 12 of The Big Sip officially kicks off our Culinary Spotlight Series, with none other than Executive Chef Sean Streete. Of West Indian...
The Big Sip

Episode 11: "All That Glitters Isn't Gold"

One of the most raw and unfiltered conversations yet featuring three phenomenal black business owners in the Napa Valley: James Moss of J.Moss wines...
The Big Sip

Episode 10: "Broaden Your Horizons"

Growing up in Southern California, Jessica Koga would have never guessed she’d end up as a winemaker in Napa Valley. After graduating high school...
The Big Sip

Episode 8: Responsible Hedonists

In Episode 8 of The Big Sip, I am so honored to have sat down with Diana Hawkins, winemaker for Responsible Hedonist. After realizing...
The Big Sip

Episode 8: "Ahí voy!"

Born and raised in St.Helena, CA and with 3 generations of family working in the agriculture industry of Napa Valley, Sam was destined to...
The Big Sip

Episode 7: "Find the YES!"

Uprooting their life from the Big Apple after graduating from the CIA with a dual bachelor’s degree in Culinary Science and Applied Food Studies,...
The Big Sip

Episode 6: Dis·rupt·or /disˈrəptər/

Dis·rupt·or /disˈrəptər/ : “A company or form of technology that causes radical change in an existing industry or market by means of innovation.” That’s...
The Big Sip

Episode 5: "Corporate Rock Still Sucks"

The Big Sip launches its 5th episode and the 1st of 2021 with a true change-maker in the industry, challenging those in the industry...
The Big Sip

Episode 4: "Making it Happen" - with Priyanka French

On this week’s episode of The Big Sip, we are joined by an incredible woman winemaker, Priyanka French, of Signorello Estate. Born and raised...
The Big Sip

Episode 3: "It's Never Too Late"

Lydia Richards and Maria Calvert are the dynamic duo determined to lead companies and brands in the wine industry towards reaching and expressing true...
The Big Sip

Episode 2: "Shoot Your Shot"

George Washington Carver Walker III’s journey to Napa is the definition of everything wonderful that can happen when you “shoot your shot.” Hailing from...
The Big Sip

Episode 1: Carry As You Climb - The Epitome of Maryam Ahmed

From hosting self-care sessions at the age of 7 just so she could get her hands on her fave candy, to curating all of...

About Gabriela Fernandez:

Gabriela Fernandez is a true peppy, free-spirited soul blessed with the “gift of gab!” Growing up in the Napa Valley, her teachers always told her that her mother named her right because of her very gregarious nature. Her bubbly, charismatic personality only grew with age and helped launch her into the exclusive Jazz Choir at the City of Saint Helena. Through jazz, she was able to begin traveling the world, visiting countries like Spain and France. This is where Gabriela developed her passion for travel, culture, and food.

Gabriela graduated from Saint Mary’s College of California where she graduated with a Business Marketing degree. While at Saint Mary’s she immediately became involved in various outlets at the college, partaking in community events and service projects. Now working and living in Napa, Gabriela continues to be very involved.

Gabriela absolutely loves concerts, the arts, shoes, movies, the outdoors (hiking), and all things “sports.” Her adventurous spirit keeps her movin’ and groovin’ and searching for the next thing to dive into and explore.

Currently you can listen to her on “The Big Sip” series on KVON and other podcast platforms, as well as on the weekdays as KVYN’s 99.3 FM The Vine’s Morning show host delivering music, entertainment, and all things trending. When she is not live on the mic, she works for a prominent winery in the Napa Valley and is creator/lead of The Peoples Collective for Change. #gettingSIPdone