Little League City Championship

The Napa Little League City Championship baseball game was won by Rasmusen Painting (National League Champs) defeated Napa Police (American League Champs) 10 to 0.  Winning Pitcher Drew Hatfield was the KVON "Player of the Game".  In the 4 innings, he struck out 11 of the 12 the plate, he had two hits, a walk, scored twice and had 2 RBIs. .  This was the 31st year for the program at Garfield Park.  Napa Police during the regular season won 1 game and lost 17.  In the league playoffs, they won 4 in a row to get to the City Championship game. Rasmusen Painting finished with a 20 win and 2 loss record.  Billy Smith coached Rasmusen Painting and Cam Neal coached Napa Police.  Both coaches work at Vintage High School.

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Your congenial host since Dec. 2002, Charles is Napa born-and-bred, a graduate of Napa High (class of '62) and a product of Napa Junior College (as it was called back then).

Charles has worked in both TV (alongside the very young Jon Milller) and radio. He's also spent a good many years as an educator, at both the prep and college levels.

Don't get him started talking about cats, unless you've been sleep-deprived of late. He can be pretty darned communicative on a good many other things, though, such as the Broadway musical, jazz musicians, mystery novelists, comparative linguistics, great art, classical composers and their music, and European travel.

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ERIK PER SULLIVAN (23) Remember the little brother on Malcolm in the Middle? Yep. 23 years old

KRISTI YAMAGUCHI (43) Figure skater who won the gold at the Winter Olympics in Albertville, 1992

CHERYL LADD (63) Hit it big when she replaced Farrah Fawcett-Majors on Charlie's Angels; has appeared in movies (Poison Ivy) and numerous TV shows and movies

RICHARD SIMMONS (66) Highly animated fitness guru

CHRISTINE McVIE (71) Singer-songwriter, keyboardist, most closely associated with Fleetwood Mac

BILL COSBY (77) Everybody's favorite comedian and dad

     The Late:

VAN CLIBURN (b. 1934) Soared to fame after being the first American to win the International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow at the height of the Cold War

ANDREW WYETH (b. 1917) American realist artist

MILTON BERLE (b. 1908) Vaudeville comic who conquered the world in the early days of television

OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN II (b. 1895) Lyricist and librettist who combined with some great popular composers, including Jerome Kern (Showboat), Vincent Youmans, Rudolf Friml and Richard A. Whiting; but his union with Richard Rodgers was the stuff of dreams and produced some of our most beloved musicals, including Oklahoma, South Pacific, Carousel, The King and I, Flower Drum Song and The Sound of Music; he won 8 Tony Awards and two Oscars

LOUIS B. MAYER (b. 1884) Producer and co-founder of MGM; generally credited with being the developer of the studio star system

GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER (b. 1864) Scientist, botanist, educator and inventor; his work was directed at finding sustainable crops that would be an alternative to cotton and provide nutrition to the many small farmers mainly in the south; toward that end, he introduced to the world the many possibilities of the simple peanut

HENRY DAVID THOREAU (b. 1817) Author, poet, philosopher, abolitionist, naturalist, tax resister and transcendentalist; best remembered for his work Walden


CAMERON CROWE (57) Director, screenwriter, author and actor; writer whose work was the basis of Fast Times at Ridgemont High; directed Say Anything, Jerry McGuire and Almost Famous

CHEECH MARIN (68) Half of the Cheech and Chong comedy team who's gone on to become a popular character actor and a highly reputed collector of Chicano art

HARRISON FORD (72) Superstar who can (almost) do nothnig wrong: star of Raiders of the Lost Ark and its sequels, Star Wars, Air Force One, The Fugitive and so many more

ROBERT FORSTER (73) Actor who stumbled along for years earning a living but whose fortunes rose considerably when he starred in Jackie Brown; since then he's been just everywhere in movies and and on TV

PATRICK STEWART (74) Successful and esteemed British actor who came to America and captured the nation as Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise on Star Trek: The Next Generation; then came X-Men

     The Late

BOB CRANE (b. 1928) Star of Hogan's Heroes and successful DJ; came to a most unfortunate end
Available for yard clean up work, barn clean-up work. Have truck. Rates reasonable. Call 477-8009
Nancy in Yountville is hunting for a good used ukulele. 944-0849
And Nancy's friend, Rollo, is hoping to find a low-cost (free?) couch. His number: 235-0342

Susan has put out a call for another trundle bed. You did it the last time. Let's try again. 321-9367

Also, Don up in Calistoga has been on the lookout for the same three items for some time. Specifically, he's looking for 1) an air compressor and air tools, especially a sand-blasting cabinet; 2) old British sports and/or parts (e.g., Morgan, Triumph, MG) with a special interest in MGB cars and parts and if you can help with the latter, he'll pay you a finder's fee; and 3) a small car trailer. Don's number in Calistoga is 942-0546

Wireless dual-band router (Belkin brand). Originally $90. Asking $45
Used interior doors (both flat and raised panel), 28" and 30" wide. $10 each
4 window blind sets (still in the box); 27 1/2" w x 45" long; 2" slats; off-white. $15 each. 255-8498
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Weight bench with weights and bars. $100.  373-7970 (cell) / 645-1141 (home)


Herbert fixes up older computers and reassembles parts into revitalized computers, both desktop PC's and laptops. They're extrardinarily inexpensive and Herbert stands by his work. His number: 363-7394.  Please understand that listing this phone number in this website does not constitute any sort of testimonial or advocation of this caller's skills or the quality of his services. If you choose to purchase an item from this caller or have this caller repair an item of yours, you do so at your own risk.

One of our callers, whose number is often requested, repairs small gasoline engine powered tools and machines. His name is Les and his phone number is 320-3724. Please understand that listing this phone number in this website does not constitute any sort of testimonial or advocation of this caller's skills or the quality of his services. If you choose to purchase an item from this caller or have this caller repair an item of yours, you do so at your own risk.
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