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Your congenial host since Dec. 2002, Charles is Napa born-and-bred, a graduate of Napa High (class of '62) and a product of Napa Junior College (as it was called back then).

Charles has worked in both TV (alongside the very young Jon Milller) and radio. He's also spent a good many years as an educator, at both the prep and college levels.

Don't get him started talking about cats, unless you've been sleep-deprived of late. He can be pretty darned communicative on a good many other things, though, such as the Broadway musical, jazz musicians, mystery novelists, comparative linguistics, great art, classical composers and their music, and European travel.

The Swap Shop is heard every Saturday morning at 10. To call The Swap Shop: 707-255-5866; To Email The Swap Shop: or



CAMERON DIAZ (42) Very attractive actress who's made it work in such films as There's Something About Mary, My Best Friend's Wedding, the two Charlie's Angels movies, and who's been delightful as the voice of Princess Fiona in the Shrek series

MICHAEL CHIKLIS (51) Dynamo of an actor who soared to big-time in TV's The Shield as well as in The Commish; also appeared as the Thing in The Fantastic Four series

DAVID PAYMER (60) Somewhat diminutive character actor who usually plays gentle, beleaguered sorts but who once in a while can play the heavy; you've seen him lots of times, including in City Slickers, Searching for Bobby Fischer and Get Shorty

LEWIS BLACK (66) Comedian, actor, and social critic who often seems exasperated beyond control but who's invariably both hilarious and perceptive

PEGGY LIPTON (68) Not quite a one-hit wonder since, after serving as one of the hot young stars of The Mod Squad, she did retun in something of a featured role in Twin Peaks

WARREN BUFFETT (84) A regular on every existing list of the world's wealthiest men, Buffett is a business magnate, investor and philanthropist

     The Late:

TED WILLIAMS (b. 1918) "The Splendid Splinter" as he was called (one of many nicknames but probably the most enduring one) put up extraordinary career numbers despite missing portions of 5 seasons due to his military commitments in WWII and the Korean War; the last major leaguer to hit over .400 (1941); 521 career HRs; a career batting average of .344, the highest among all hitters with more than 500 home runs; his last at-bat in the majors was a home run; was voted into the Hall of Fame easily in 1966

FRED MacMURRAY (b. 1908) Never one of film's big names, fared well nonetheless in such films as the Billy Wilder-directed films Double Indemnity and The Apartment; also part of TV history with his comedy My Three Sons

JOAN BLONDELL (b. 1906) Spent a lot of her early career in films playing the gold-digger type; then later became a reliable character and supporting actress; a favorite among many film historians for her genuineness

SHIRLEY BOOTH (b. 1898) For the most part, Ms Booth was a stage actress of considerable repute, but she did make her mark in the film Come Back Little Sheba; it was a reprise of her Broadway performance for which she'd won a Tony Award and it earned her both a Golden Globe award and an Academy Award; would later appear as the lead in TV's Hazel, based on the series of Ted Key cartoons that appeared in The Saturday Evening Post magazine

HUEY LONG (b. 1893) After serving as Louisiana's 40th Governor, Long became that state's U.S. Senator until his assassination 3 years later in 1935; Long was a strident Democrat and a supporter of the idea of the distribution of wealth

MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT SHELLEY (b. 1797) The wife of British romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley and author of Frankenstein: or, The Modern Promethus (1818), a book that spawned countless movies and spinoffs and more


EDWIN MOSES (59) One of America's greatest trackmen, winning gold medals in the 400m hurdles in both the 1976 and 1984 Olympics

RICHARD GERE (65) Handsome as well as talented, Gere has made his mark in some very popular films, including An Officer and a Gentleman, Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride and even as a song-and-dance lawyer in the film adaptation of the musical Chicago

VAN MORRISON (69) Northern Irish singer and songwriter; think Moondance or Someone Like You

ITZHAK PERLMAN (69) Concert violinist, conductor, teacher and lecturer; contracted polio at the age of 4 but he never let it make a difference

FRANK ROBINSON (79) One of baseball's best and the only player ever to win MVP in both leagues; also won the Triple Crown; was the first African-American to manage a major league baseball team; was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1982

     The Late

ELDRIDGE CLEAVER (b. 1935) Writer, activist but also convicted rapist; became one of the early leaders of the Black Panther party and won acclaim for his book "Soul on Ice"

JAMES COBURN (b. 1928) One of the "cool" actors of the 60's; a standout in such films as The Great Escape, The Magnificent Seven, In Like Flint, Our Man Flint and Charade; won a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award in 1997 for Affliction

BUDDY HACKETT (b. 1924) On original! His voice alone was funny and then came his jokes, not always for all ears; mostly a comedian but did appear now and then in films (It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World; The Music Man) and on stage, starring in the Broadway musical I Had a Ball

ARTHUR GODFREY (b. 1903) A longtime mainstay of first radio and then television, Godfrey perfected the casual presentation, and his show Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts introduced to the nation such performers as Lenny Bruce, Don Adams, Tony Bennett, Patsy Cline, Wally Cox, Pat Boone, Roy Clark and the operatic Marilyn Horne; his career took something of a nosedive when he had a rather nasty public dispute with one of his regular performers, Julius LaRosa

FREDRIC MARCH (b. 1897) One of the most distunguished actors of his time, in both movies and on Broadway; he won the Academy Award in 1932 for his performance as the titular Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and then a second Academy Award for The Best Years of Our Lives in 1945; also brilliant in Inherit the Wind and in Seven Days in May
Available for yard clean up work, barn clean-up work. Have truck. Rates reasonable. Call 477-8009
Nancy in Yountville is hunting for a good used ukulele. 944-0849
And Nancy's friend, Rollo, is hoping to find a low-cost (free?) couch. His number: 235-0342

Susan has put out a call for another trundle bed. You did it the last time. Let's try again. 321-9367

Also, Don up in Calistoga has been on the lookout for the same three items for some time. Specifically, he's looking for 1) an air compressor and air tools, especially a sand-blasting cabinet; 2) old British sports and/or parts (e.g., Morgan, Triumph, MG) with a special interest in MGB cars and parts and if you can help with the latter, he'll pay you a finder's fee; and 3) a small car trailer. Don's number in Calistoga is 942-0546

Wireless dual-band router (Belkin brand). Originally $90. Asking $45
Used interior doors (both flat and raised panel), 28" and 30" wide. $10 each
4 window blind sets (still in the box); 27 1/2" w x 45" long; 2" slats; off-white. $15 each. 255-8498
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Weight bench with weights and bars. $100.  373-7970 (cell) / 645-1141 (home)


Herbert fixes up older computers and reassembles parts into revitalized computers, both desktop PC's and laptops. They're extrardinarily inexpensive and Herbert stands by his work. His number: 363-7394.  Please understand that listing this phone number in this website does not constitute any sort of testimonial or advocation of this caller's skills or the quality of his services. If you choose to purchase an item from this caller or have this caller repair an item of yours, you do so at your own risk.

One of our callers, whose number is often requested, repairs small gasoline engine powered tools and machines. His name is Les and his phone number is 320-3724. Please understand that listing this phone number in this website does not constitute any sort of testimonial or advocation of this caller's skills or the quality of his services. If you choose to purchase an item from this caller or have this caller repair an item of yours, you do so at your own risk.
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