Talk So Kids Listen with Doris Gentry

This show promotes the things you say and do that are right as a parent. What do you say that makes a difference with your kids? Talk so kids listen. Do not talk at kids. Do not talk over kids. Do not talk through kids. Talk with kids. We want to share ways to raise our kids – each of us can help one another.





Veterans Day Episode! Julie Hamilton fills in for Doris, and talks to Tracy Devita, Erin Rose and David Grega.




Shannon & Rick Johnson w/ Grape Escape talk about the fun and fears of their escape rooms!



Alyxandra McChesney-Gardner inspires about building healthy families and Martin Olsen talks about his newest business venture.



Jennifer Knell talking about the Napa County Library’s new “Healing Library” and Napa Valley Horsemens Association 80th bday with President Gina Massolo!