KVON 2019-2020 Broadcast Schedule
All games on KVON (1440 am) and kvon.com


– December 2019 – (Basketball)

Thursday, December 5th @ 3:15PM               Vintage vs. Northgate (Wine Valley Tourney)

Thursday, December 5th @ 7:45PM                  Napa High vs. Napa Christian (Wine Valley)

Monday, December 9th @ 6:45PM                                                          El Milino at Justin-Siena

Friday, December 13th @ 6:45PM                                                             Heritage at Napa High

Wednesday, December 18th @ 5:15PM                                       Merrit College at Napa Valley College


– January 2020 – (Basketball)

                  Tuesday, January 7th @ 6:45PM                                   (Young Womens) Justin-Siena at Vintage

Wednesday, January 8th @ 6:45PM                                                                Vintage at Justin-Siena

Thursday, January 9th @ 6:45PM             (Young Womens) Napa High at Justin-Siena

Thursday, January 16th @ 6:45PM                          (Young Womens) Napa High at Vintage

                          Friday, January 17th @ 6:45PM                          (Young Womens) Napa High at Vintage

Thursday, January 30th @ 5:15PM                         College of Marin at Napa Valley College

Friday, January 31st @ 6:45PM                                                      Justin-Siena at Vintage


– February 2020 – (Basketball)

Thursday, February 6th @ 4:45PM                (Young Womens) Vintage at Napa ( JV game )

Thursday, February 6th @ 6:45PM                   (Young Womens) Vintage at Napa ( Varsity )

Friday, February 7th @ 4:45PM                                                Vintage at Napa ( JV game )

Friday, February 7th @ 6:45PM                                                   Vintage at Napa ( Varsity )

Wednesday, February 12th @ 6:45PM                                                                         Petaluma at Napa High

Friday, February 14th  @ 6:45PM                                North Coast Section Playoffs ( TBA )

Friday, February 21st @ 5:15PM                           Solano College at Napa Valley College

Saturday, February 22nd @ 5:45PM                                                                    Prolific Prep ( Crush II )


– March 2020 – (Basketball)

Sunday, March 1st @ 2:45PM                        Prolific Prep ( Alaina’s Voice Game)


– March 2020 – (Baseball & Softball)

                      Saturday, March 7th @ 10:55AM                         St. Helena at Justin-Siena (Baseball)

         Tuesday, March 17th @ 3:45PM                             Fairfield at Napa High (Baseball)

 Wednesday, March 25th @ 3:45PM                               Vintage at Justin-Siena (Baseball)

          Tuesday, March 31st @ 3:45PM                            Napa at Justin-Siena (Softball)

                       Wednesday, April 1st @ 3:45PM                        Napa at Justin-Siena (Baseball)

                    Friday, April 3rd @ 3:45PM                                      Vintage at Napa High (Baseball)

             Thursday, April 9th @ 3:45PM                               American Canyon at Justin-Siena (Baseball)

          Wednesday, April 15th 3:45PM                                    Sonoma Valley at Justin-Siena (Baseball)

             Tuesday, April 21st @ 3:45PM                                  Justin-Siena at Vintage (Softball)

                  Wendesday, April 22nd @ 3:45PM                           John Swett at Justin-Siena (Baseball)

                 Tuesday, April 28th 3:45PM                                          Napa High at Vintage (Softball)

     Wednesday, April 29th @3:45PM                                Napa High at Vintage (Baseball)


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