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Friday...September 19...7:00 pm...Woodland at Vintage KVON
Friday...September 19...6:45 pm...San Marin at Justin-Siena (KVYN)
1440 KVON will keep you updated on all the latest information that you need to deal with the aftermath of the 6.0 quake on Sunday morning. If you are in need of help and don't know where to turn, call us at 257-8463. If you can help in some way, call us at 257-8463. We will do our best to help get people together to help your situation. Click here for the latest information and pertanent phone numbers. 

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Your congenial host since Dec. 2002, Charles is Napa born-and-bred, a graduate of Napa High (class of '62) and a product of Napa Junior College (as it was called back then).

Charles has worked in both TV (alongside the very young Jon Milller) and radio. He's also spent a good many years as an educator, at both the prep and college levels.

Don't get him started talking about cats, unless you've been sleep-deprived of late. He can be pretty darned communicative on a good many other things, though, such as the Broadway musical, jazz musicians, mystery novelists, comparative linguistics, great art, classical composers and their music, and European travel.

The Swap Shop is heard every Saturday morning at 10. To call The Swap Shop: 707-255-5866; To Email The Swap Shop: or



ROSIE PEREZ (50) Actress, singer, dancer and more; a standout in such films as Do the Right Thing; White Men Can't Jump; Fearless (Academy Award nomination for Best Actress): It Could Happen to You; and Pineapple Express

CHRIS CHRISTIE (51) Governor of New Jersey and a popular potential Republican candidate for the Presidency

JEFF FOXWORTHY (56) Blue collar comic, actor and personality

JANE CURTIN (67) An original member of Saturday Night Live, has gone on to an outstanding career in such TV series as Kate and Allie and 3rd Rock from the Sun

SWOOSIE KURTZ (70) Chimeric actress who always delights, on stage (2 Tony Awards), on TV (one Emmy) and in many films, such as The World According to Garp and Liar, Liar

JO ANNE WORLEY (77) The Laugh-In lady with the whole-hearted guffaw and endless smile

     The Late:

JANE ADDAMS (b. 1860) Activist, philosopher, author of the Reform Era of the early 20th Century who focused on such goals as world peace, the vote for women, the welfare of children and public health


CORBIN BERNSEN (60) Unforgettable as the egotistical 3rd baseman in the two Major League movies; also a standout in L. A. Law

MICHAEL EMERSON (60) Pixieish actor who usually plays intelligent and often against type, as in the serial killer William Hinks in The Practice; also seen in Lost and Person of Interest

JULIE KAVNER (64) Started out big as Brenda Morgenstern in Rhoda, went through a bit of a slump and then hit the ceiling voicing (in that singular raspy voice of hers) Marge Simpson, et. al. in The Simpsons

SONNY ROLLINS (84) One of jazz's top-flight tenor saxophonists and one of its most important and influential personas

     The Late

BUDDY HOLLY (b. 1936) Born Charles Hardin Holley; blossoming rock career was abbreviated by a fatal plane crash

ANTHONY QUAYLE (b. 1913) Commanding presence as an actor, and a highly-esteemed stage director; you've seen those expressive eyes of his in such films as The Guns of Navarone, Lawrence of Arabia, Anne of the Thousand Days and The Eagle Has Landed

GRANDMA MOSES (b. 1860) American folk artist whose real name was Anna Mary Robertson Moses

QUEEN ELIZABETH I of ENGLAND (b. 1533) Daughter of Henry VIII (by way of Anne Boleyn); the last of the Tudor dynasty
Available for yard clean up work, barn clean-up work. Have truck. Rates reasonable. Call 477-8009
Nancy in Yountville is hunting for a good used ukulele. 944-0849
And Nancy's friend, Rollo, is hoping to find a low-cost (free?) couch. His number: 235-0342

Susan has put out a call for another trundle bed. You did it the last time. Let's try again. 321-9367

Also, Don up in Calistoga has been on the lookout for the same three items for some time. Specifically, he's looking for 1) an air compressor and air tools, especially a sand-blasting cabinet; 2) old British sports and/or parts (e.g., Morgan, Triumph, MG) with a special interest in MGB cars and parts and if you can help with the latter, he'll pay you a finder's fee; and 3) a small car trailer. Don's number in Calistoga is 942-0546

Wireless dual-band router (Belkin brand). Originally $90. Asking $45
Used interior doors (both flat and raised panel), 28" and 30" wide. $10 each
4 window blind sets (still in the box); 27 1/2" w x 45" long; 2" slats; off-white. $15 each. 255-8498
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Weight bench with weights and bars. $100.  373-7970 (cell) / 645-1141 (home)


Herbert fixes up older computers and reassembles parts into revitalized computers, both desktop PC's and laptops. They're extrardinarily inexpensive and Herbert stands by his work. His number: 363-7394.  Please understand that listing this phone number in this website does not constitute any sort of testimonial or advocation of this caller's skills or the quality of his services. If you choose to purchase an item from this caller or have this caller repair an item of yours, you do so at your own risk.

One of our callers, whose number is often requested, repairs small gasoline engine powered tools and machines. His name is Les and his phone number is 320-3724. Please understand that listing this phone number in this website does not constitute any sort of testimonial or advocation of this caller's skills or the quality of his services. If you choose to purchase an item from this caller or have this caller repair an item of yours, you do so at your own risk.
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