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Your congenial host since Dec. 2002, Charles is Napa born-and-bred, a graduate of Napa High (class of '62) and a product of Napa Junior College (as it was called back then).

Charles has worked in both TV (alongside the very young Jon Milller) and radio. He's also spent a good many years as an educator, at both the prep and college levels.

Don't get him started talking about cats, unless you've been sleep-deprived of late. He can be pretty darned communicative on a good many other things, though, such as the Broadway musical, jazz musicians, mystery novelists, comparative linguistics, great art, classical composers and their music, and European travel.

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STEVE CARELL (52) Well-received comedic actor/writer who's appeared in some very good films, including Little Miss Sunshine and The 40-Year-Old-Virgin as well as TV's The Office

TIMOTHY HUTTON (54) Actor, son of actor Jim Hutton, who started out really hot, being the youngest actor to win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (Ordinary People) and continued in very successful films (Taps; The Falcon and the Snowman) but whose career rather stalled; it has since leveled out to reasonable success and he has continued to prosper

MADONNA (56) What could I possibly tell you that you don't already know better than I do? (Probably nothing since I've made it a practice largely to ignore her.)

ANGELA BASSETT (56) Very talented actress whose career has included the portrayal of real-life people in a string of successful movies,including Tina Turner in What's Love Got to Do with It and Rosa Parks in The Rosa Parks Story

JAMES CAMERON (60) One of the single most successful directors of this particular age; consider just these four: The Terminator; Aliens: Titanic and Avatar; what's left to be said? These days making almost as big a name for himself as an underwater explorer

KATHIE LEE GIFFORD (61) Former co-host of Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee; has also enjoyed a career as a singer and performer in musical comedy

JULIE NEWMAR (81) Statuesque, zaftig actress and dancer; one of her first appearances was in the movie 7 Brides for 7 Brothers; also memorable as (one of the actresses who played) The Catwoman on TV's Batman; (if we ever cross paths, ask me to tell you the rather risque story of her encounter with dwarf actor Michael Dunn)

ANN BLYTH (86) Lovely lady whose career never quite gained momentum; was well-received as the unpleasant daughter in Mildred Pierce; but if you ever have the chance to see her with William Powell in Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid you'll appreciate why her beauty was so highly esteemed

     The Late:

ROBERT CULP (b. 1930) First came to prominence as Hoby Gilman (one of my favorite character names!)  in TV's Trackdown; then hit it really big playing opposite Bill Cosby in I Spy; went on to feature in The Greatest American Hero and Everybody Loves Raymond

EYDIE GORMÉ (b. 1928) With husband Steve Lawrence had a long and very successful career but also did well on her own in the Latin music business because of her family heritage

FESS PARKER (b. 1924) Actor who made a singular niche for himself in screen history by playing two of this country's most hallowed frontiersmen: Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett


JON GRUDEN (51) Former head coach of the Oakland raiders who, after raising them from the depths of wretchedness, got traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he proceeded to beat the Raiders in the ensuing Super Bowl (#37)

SEAN PENN (54) Actor, humanitarian and activist who has made some very highly esteemed movies, including Mystic River and Milk,for both of which he won Oscars

ROBERT De NIRO (71) One of this country's most highly regarded film actors - and rightly so! Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The Godfather Part II, Goodfellas and Awakenings are just a small part of his distinguished list of movies (the latter of especial value if you're planning a Robin Williams retrospective)

BOOG POWELL (73) Very large presence at first base for 14 years on a winning team (the Baltimore Orioles); 4 times an All-Star; AL MVP (1970); twice a winner of the Comeback Player of the Year award

MAUREEN O'HARA (93) Fiery Irish leading lady who early on appeared as Esmeralda opposite Charles Laughton in The Hunchback of Notre Dame and then went on to stake her claim in the Hollywood annals in a series of films opposite John Wayne (including The Quiet Man, Rio Grande, McClintock! and Big Jake)

     The Late

MAE WEST (b. 1893) Curiously enough this notorious sex symbol of 30's films actually worked for a time as a male impersonator before her film career took off

DAVY CROCKETT (b. 1786) Frontiersman, soldier and politician (U.S. Representative from Tennessee) who, yes, did die at the Alamo
Available for yard clean up work, barn clean-up work. Have truck. Rates reasonable. Call 477-8009
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Also, Don up in Calistoga has been on the lookout for the same three items for some time. Specifically, he's looking for 1) an air compressor and air tools, especially a sand-blasting cabinet; 2) old British sports and/or parts (e.g., Morgan, Triumph, MG) with a special interest in MGB cars and parts and if you can help with the latter, he'll pay you a finder's fee; and 3) a small car trailer. Don's number in Calistoga is 942-0546

Wireless dual-band router (Belkin brand). Originally $90. Asking $45
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Weight bench with weights and bars. $100.  373-7970 (cell) / 645-1141 (home)


Herbert fixes up older computers and reassembles parts into revitalized computers, both desktop PC's and laptops. They're extrardinarily inexpensive and Herbert stands by his work. His number: 363-7394.  Please understand that listing this phone number in this website does not constitute any sort of testimonial or advocation of this caller's skills or the quality of his services. If you choose to purchase an item from this caller or have this caller repair an item of yours, you do so at your own risk.

One of our callers, whose number is often requested, repairs small gasoline engine powered tools and machines. His name is Les and his phone number is 320-3724. Please understand that listing this phone number in this website does not constitute any sort of testimonial or advocation of this caller's skills or the quality of his services. If you choose to purchase an item from this caller or have this caller repair an item of yours, you do so at your own risk.
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