Interviews with Barry

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Assessor – Recorder – County Clerk, John Tuteur, Addresses Grand Jury Accusations

John Tuteur walks Barry Martin through the series of  Grand Jury Accusations against him: unpaid taxes of the Tuteur Family Trust and “willfull and corrupt conduct” in office. Take a listen to his responses!


Barry talks to opponents of Napa Valley’s Ballot Measure C

3 opponents of Measure C- Dave Whitmer (former Napa County Agricultural Commissioner), Phil Blake (former District Conservationist), and Jeri Gill (CEO of Sustainable Napa County) voice their concerns about this measure. How could Measure C threaten conservation and preservation efforts? Keep listening for the answer!

 Part 1:

 Part 2:

Part 3:


Barry talks with Film Director, Mark Tchelistcheff

“The Maestro – André Tchelistcheff – The Voice of Wine” is Mark Tchelistcheff’s most recent film project, where he sets out to tell the story of his great-uncle André. How exactly has he immersed himself in this film? How well does he accomplish this? Give this interview a listen and find out!